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  1. i's RESTful API does (or lets you do, to be more precise) too many things to list here, but here are two facts that should put your
  2. i Countersoft API endpoint is located at /api/projects/. You can find the Countersoft portal / hompage here.If you need Ge
  3. i is an issue and bug tracking system. The Ge

api 248. add-ons 394. beta 109. database 66. emails 268. search 24. time 61. find-filter 23. reporting 81. plugins 53. simplyfi Product tour videos are also available along with how-to videos demonstrating key Gemini capabilities. Questions . FAQ. Docs. Videos. Gemini is an agile project tracker with issue tracking and help desk ticketing going beyond project management software. Download a free trial today! Download a free trial today! Gemini Tracker | Countersoft Leverage the Apps Framework & REST API for any kind of integration. Below is a selection of our out-of-the-box integrations. You can also get all the code to Gemini's Open Source Apps from our GitHub repo so you can fully customize Gemini The URL must have the item Id. It returns an IssueDto. Microsoft.NET example: var geminiUrl = http://localhost/gemini/api/items/22; var geminiUsername = Base64.encode (manager:xvitjc5bmm); // user : apikey $.ajax ( { url: geminiUrl, type: GET, headers: { Authorization: Basic + geminiUsername }, success: function (data) { alert. Gemini allows you to execute your own code when an operation such as create, edit, update or delete happens Download Gemini allows you to extend its API by adding your own RESTful API endpoints to achieve your goal

Access Gemini via our API, see documentation Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enabling issue management within VS IDE 2017 including screen capture and time logging Gemini's API can be used to place, cancel, and view orders, stream market data and get account data. We offer connection via our REST, Websocket and FIX APIs. Our API documentation is available at. The URL must have the username. It returns the UserDto. var geminiUrl = http://localhost/gemini/api/users/username/manager; var geminiUsername = Base64.encode (manager:xvitjc5bmm); // user : apikey $.ajax ( { url: geminiUrl, type: GET, headers: { Authorization: Basic + geminiUsername }, success: function (data) { alert. The URL must have the Type Id. It returns an IssueTypeDto. Microsoft.NET example: var geminiUrl = http://localhost/gemini/api/type/55; var geminiUsername = Base64.encode (manager:xvitjc5bmm); // user : apikey $.ajax ( { url: geminiUrl, type: GET, headers: { Authorization: Basic + geminiUsername }, success: function (data) { alert. Gemini has a variety of options for modifying the security of your installation. Gemini allows for the use of social media APIs, such as Facebook and Open ID. You may also modify and change additional security options, such as password policies, and user groups that are assigned to the Portal Group. Self-registration and Unathenticated Acces

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  1. Countersoft has 42 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Skip to content. countersoft . Sign up Why GitHub? Features → Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Security; Team management; Hosting; Mobile; Customer stories → Security → Team; Enterprise; Explore Explore GitHub → Learn & contribute. Topics; Collections; Trending; Learning Lab; Open
  2. i capabilities. Questions. FAQ. Docs. Videos. Blog. ask your question . Api -> Projects Api. visual-studio. add-ons. Hello, on the site for the Ge
  3. i is a bug and issue tracking system. Ge
  4. i platform using .net API CounterSoft.Ge
  5. i, Sentry, Breeze, Saucery and Microsoft integrations Ge

RESTful API. A real REST API that handled user permissions to allow people to build add-ons for Gemini. Dynamic Filters. Dynamic project filters for complete cross-project search to kill refresh page messages. Inline Editing. Inline editing when everyone else gave you a cumbersome pop-up edit bo Gemini Administrators can enable, disable and set the schedule for every Timer App. You can set the schedule between each app's run, check for errors and even force the Timer App to run immediately. Apps that have errored will be highlighted in red. Schedule. Timer apps can be configured to run at user specified intervals. The Timer Apps Product tour videos are also available along with how-to videos demonstrating key Gemini capabilities. Questions. FAQ. Docs. Videos. Blog. ask your question . read customfields through API. custom-fields. api. Hi , How do I read/update a customfield using the API ? Kind regards. Modist · 1. Countersoft's Gemini is an issue and bug tracking system. The Gemini Countersoft API integrates monitoring features into applications such as company's workflow, automation, and reporting. It is available in JSON and REST protocols and accessible with Api Key. Track API. Versions; SDKs (1) Articles (1) How To (0) Source Code (0) Libraries (0) Developers (0) Followers (2) Changelog (3) Versions. Is there any documentation on the API in countersoftgeminiapiv51_1.zip?If so, where is it

Gemini can cater for SCRUM, Kanban or any agile methodology you are using. The scalable and powerful agile board allows you so slice your data by various attributes and page through the work items. Gemini's sprint progress page shows you the estimated release date of your sprint CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.GetObjectFromResponse(Stream stream) +276 CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ThrowResponseException(WebResponse response) +291 CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ProcessResponse(String url, Object obj, RequestType requestType) +124 api 248. add-ons 394. beta 109. database 66. emails Product tour videos are also available along with how-to videos demonstrating key Gemini capabilities. Questions. FAQ. Docs. Videos. Blog. Documentation can be filtered by selecting one or more tags above. Select multiple pages to print or export to PDF. 1 Installing Gemini 5 1.1 Pre-requisite Checks 1.2 Installing Gemini 5 Using.

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I want to try to copy all issues from our current bugtracker (Gemini by CounterSoft) to YouTrack, just to see how well we can work with it. And comments are really important for us :-) Thanks, Alexey. Votes. 0. Share. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; 4 comments . Sort by Date Votes. avs99 Created October 12, 2009 19:19. Comment actions Permalink. also it's not clear how to set reported by and. At Countersoft we build products that challenge the status quo. Our Gemini product brings a fresh approach towards for complete task and project tracking. Learn something new today and check out the AppNav™ approach to tracking things that matter, or see why we are working hard to kill off project related emails with instant Badge Notifications Posted December 26, 2010. Do you plan to integrate with Countersoft Gemini CounterSoft is a United Kingdom software company that was founded in 2003, and offers a software title called Gemini. Gemini offers training via documentation, webinars, and live online. Gemini offers a free version, and free trial. Gemini is help desk software, and includes features such as Percent-Complete tracking, progress tracking, recurring tasks, task planning, task scheduling, task.

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CounterSoft™ Gemini Project Issue Tracking User Guide | Configuration Reference 11 3.12 Administrator Email This setting contains the Gemini administrators email addresses separated by a comma. You can find this setting in the Global -> General section of the administration page. 3.13 Show Gemini Statistics This setting controls if the top-level Gemini statistics are always visible. Countersoft Gemini; CPR Software FloorCOST Estimator for Excel; CPR Visual Estimator; Craftsman CD Estimator; Creative Research Systems The Survey System; Crones & Associations Project Tracker Pro; CS Odessa ConceptDraw Project; Customer Expressions i-Sight; Daystar iStructural.com; Depiction Software Deco-Con Estimating ; Desktop Technologies NewsBoss; DevWave Estimate Works; Dexter + Cheney. STARTTLS. STARTTLS is a means of upgrading an unencrypted connection to an encrypted connection. There are versions of STARTTLS for a variety of protocols; the SMTP version is defined in RFC 3207.. To set up a STARTTLS connection, the SMTP client connects to the Amazon SES SMTP endpoint on port 25, 587, or 2587, issues an EHLO command, and waits for the server to announce that it supports the.

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  1. CodePlex was Microsoft's free, open source project hosting site, which ran from 2006 through 2017. The site has been in archive mode for 3 years
  2. istrator and go to the Ge
  3. i integration. The ge
  4. Création de projet api-rest avec angular 2 comme principal framework de diffusion des données et de l'expérience utilisateur. Création de différents webservices permettant à une application mobile native, de récupérer des données et de les traiter de manière autonome tout en correspondant à la logique de l'application native web. Show more Show less Stagiaire - Junior Web Developer.
  5. i-sauce - Plugin for starting up Sauce Connect when running tests with Ge
  6. i Countersoft provides the basis for a great customization ticketing system for any organization. It is really easy to use and takes a short time to get used to and learn. Cons: The only con i have for Ge

Countersoft is a software company that provides SaaS and on-premise Project Management, Help/Service Desk, Issue Tracking and Knowledge Management software for businesses worldwide (8,000+ customers). My activities at Countersoft were: Developing and maintaining the core software product Gemini and Atlas KM software, using C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON and CSS with Visual. Countersoft Gemini version 2.0: Security vulnerabilities, exploits, vulnerability statistics, CVSS scores and references (e.g.: CVE-2009-1234 or 2010-1234 or 20101234) Log In Registe The contents of this website are based upon the Wikipedia page entitled comparison of issue tracking systems.However this website includes both notable and non-notable entries -- large or small, all are documented providing you a comprehensive list of issue tracking systems

When comparing Toggl vs Clockify, the Slant community recommends Toggl for most people. In the question What are the best time tracking apps for freelancers? Toggl is ranked 1st while Clockify is ranked 18t Countersoft has released Gemini 4.0, the latest edition of the award-winning project management platform. With version 4, Countersoft extends its reach to agile testing, which can now benefit from. Gemini Project Issue Tracking Page 8 1.2.3 .NET Community License CounterSoft supports the .NET community and will provide a complimentary license to .NET community websites. If you would like a .NET Community Website license, please send your project details to sales@countersoft.com. Terms and conditions will apply

Best Project Management Software For Small Business. Project Management - the use of knowledge, skills, methods, tools and technologies for the implementation of the project in order to achieve or exceeding the expectations of the participants.. Project Management is currently earned recognition as a self-management discipline, the use of which increases the reliability of achieving the. Connecting to TFS can be a little tricky in Gemini for a number of reasons. There are a few extra steps which are required in order to connect and get the app working. The purpose of this post is not to say how to USE the TFS picker, but rather to focus on additional tips to get it connected in the first place. If you want to see details on the app, the source docs are your best bet: https. Countersoft Gemini security vulnerabilities, exploits, metasploit modules, vulnerability statistics and list of versions (e.g.: CVE-2009-1234 or 2010-1234 or 20101234) Log In Register. Vulnerability Feeds & Widgets New www.itsecdb.com Home Browse.

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  1. i 5 has been a ground-up development that was driven by a common challenge faced by enterprises: deploy a single tool for task and project tracking that can be used by software development.
  2. The intent of GEMINI (GEnome MINIing) is to provide a simple, flexible, and powerful framework for exploring genetic variation for personal and medical genetics. GEMINI is unique in that it integrates genetic variation (from VCF files) with a wealth of genome annotations into a unified database framework. Using this integrated database as the.
  3. Best Issue Tracking Software | Issue Tracking Software allow you to maintain and manage every problem or issue that user identifies until the problem is resolved. Basically it's an Support ticket system where user can create, update, and resolve customer issues, or even issues reported by employees
  4. i. Find Ge
  5. Matias Creimerman | Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina | Leader/Manager, Solutions Architect, Digital Transformation, Application Modernization and Migration to the Cloud, Expert .NET, Azure, Integrations, Automation, Technology Solutions | Matias Creimerman see more... | 500+ connections | See Matias's complete profile on Linkedin and connec
  6. add enterprise api url config options to opsworks and heroku Merge pull request #934 from github/more-enterprise-api-config Add enterprise a... use named refs until the deployments API supports shas and refs Merge pull request #937 from github/auto-deploy-on-default-branch Use named ref... use archive urls if github tokens are give

Join now and share your views and answers on Syncfusion Developer Community for the thread: General Discussion - Issue tracke Gemini is used by small, medium and large organizations. If you need to bridge the gap between Customers, IT and the rest of the business, Gemini is the tool for you. What Is Gemini? A leading, .NET based helpdesk ticketing and issue tracking system. Easy to install and maintain, and comes with RESTful API, Apps Framework for easy extension, and Open Source components. Gemini takes care of. API для чтения и записи данных с использованием веб- BugTracker.NET versus CounterSoft Gemini (англ.). Bug Tracker Blog (23 октября 2007 г.). Архивировано 13 апреля 2012 года. ↑ Axosoft OnTime vs Countersoft Gemini (англ.). stackoverflow.com (20 мая 2009 г.). Архивировано 13 апреля 2012.

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More specifically, it means that you have a mapping for that content to something other than StaticFile, but that handler mapping does not apply for the current pipeline mode (integrated/classic), bitness (32/64 bits) or even asp.net version - you would normally need to have multiple mappings to asp.net for any extensions for it to work across all possible combinations of those things Easy to install and maintain, and comes with RESTful API, Apps Framework for easy extension, and Open Source components. Gemini takes care of your help desk operation from ticket creation, through triage and all the way to resolution. Incorporating user-defined Rules and Actions, SLA and integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and all other email providers Gemini. Gemini, by Countersoft, is an agile project management tool with built-in helpdesk and issue tracking. It's available in a per user license as Gemini express, or for larger teams through Gemini Enterprise, which can be installed on-premises. Gemini has a unique model for collaboration: team members work from their own, private workspaces, but they can also come together. TestRail integrates with defect tracking and collaboration solutions such as Atlassian Jira, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Gemini, Axosoft, GitHub, and TFS; with test automation tools such as Ranorex Studio, and many more. => Register For A Free Trial Of TestRail Today (no credit card required) #9) Kualitee. Whether you are managing testing in Excel or already using a software lifecycle management tool.

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Try using Bugzilla for project management, or Gemini by Countersoft, VersionOne, OnTrack... There are some truly horrible products out there, but they show the right metrics and graphs to the C-suite people that pay for them. At one point after we lost our project manager I said fuck you to the managers and just used Trello boards. It took them months to realize the graphs for my team weren't. Online test management tool, allowing you and your QA team to collaboratively manage test plans, requirements, test suites, test cases and test runs with ease API: Yes. Offline access: yes. See All Specs. Top Pro ••• Cross-platform and cross-sync. Trello works on all modern devices through the web application and has native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8/10 devices See More. Top Con ••• Project management system only. This is cumbersome to get started. See More. Oliver Burns's Experience. Good taskboard app. I use it when I have a.

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Interop.NetFwTypeLib.dll - Die Assembly wurde aus der Typbibliothek NetFwTypeLib importiert.; CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.dll (by Countersoft Limited) - Gemini Project Management Platform (Countersoft Gemini) CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.dll (by Countersoft Limited) - Countersoft Gemini .NET API DevComponents.DotNetBar2.dll (by DevComponents.com) - DevComponents.DotNetBa If you're looking to work with both Scrum and Kanban, Craft should be a leading candidate. Designed for product managers by product managers, we were painfully aware of different product teams' need to work with their own methodologies, so we buil..

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Countersoft Gemini CPR Software FloorCOST Estimator for Excel CPR Visual Estimator Craftsman CD Estimator Creative Research Systems The Survey System Crones & Associations Project Tracker Pro CS Odessa ConceptDraw Project Customer Expressions i-Sight Daystar iStructural.com Depiction Software Deco-Con Estimating Desktop Technologies NewsBoss DevWave Estimate Works Dexter + Cheney Spectrum. Vendor Search. Browse and select any vendor. Vendor; gemini A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in Countersoft Gemini 2.0. This vulnerability is traded as CVE-2006-1239 The following article contains everything you need to know about the best practices and dangers of a Jira migration. At the end of this article, I have also included a step-by-step guide on how to actually implement the migration Manager, Alumni Engagement at Countersoft. Access Rosemary's Contact Information . Export. Share . Rosemary Casson Contact Information. Last Update. 4/20/2020 8:00 PM. Direct Phone (604) ***-**** Get Phone Number. Company Countersoft. Location. 86-90 Paul St, London, Greater London, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom. Update Profile . Wrong Rosemary Casson? Rosemary Casson Current Workplace. Countersoft.

Reported bugs accurately in CounterSoft Gemini and MS Excel formats. Migrated, created and maintained software testing environments on multiple Operating Systems. Documented software testing. Info. All-round IT Project manager / Scrum Master with a will to succeed with a positive, businesslike can-do attitude. Competences and Personal Skills. Analytical, creative, energetic, goal-oriented, stress-resistant and social competent. Good communication skills in Dutch (native speaker), English and German (near native speaker) The AccuWeather API packages include multiple API endpoints, allowing users full customization based on the data call volume, data types, level of detail, and locations each developer needs. Users can also reach AccuWeather technical, sales, and customer service support teams to answer API and technical-related questions.AccuWeather Locations, AccuWeather Forecast, AccuWeather Current. Former instructor in Polteq Technical Training: Mobile App testing in practice, Polteq Technical Training: Testing the API behind Mobile Apps, AXELOS ITIL Foundation in IT Service Management (ITSM). Instructor in ISTQB Certified Software Tester Foundation Level (CTFL), ISTQB Certified Agile Tester Foundation Level (CTFL-AT) and Risk Based Testing (RBT). Activity

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A look at the workflow BHL uses to collect user feedback and collaborate among its many different partner institutions to address and resolve that feedback Gemini: Countersoft: TRM Mgmt Group: One-VA TRM v21.3: 03/02/2021: icRoute: TTEC: TRM Mgmt Group: One-VA TRM v21.3: 03/02/2021: Oracle Tuxedo System and Administration Monitoring Plus (Oracle TSAM) Oracle: TRM Mgmt Group: One-VA TRM v21.3: 03/02/2021: Factor: Dr. Urbano Lorenzo-Seva: TRM Mgmt Group: One-VA TRM v21.3: 03/02/2021: ActiSync: ActiGraph Corp. TRM Mgmt Group: One-VA TRM v21.3: 03/02. I am not able to use various commands,macros, project settings and all other stuff of Visual Studio. Like yesterday i come to know TRACE is very usefule but yet not able to use it. Similiary many hidden. Do help me for proper use of Visual Studio.I developed aplication in VC++ using MFC and win32 API. Thanks for kind help Moyee

Coinbase, Trello, Confluence, Asana, and Azure DevOps are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Gemini. Great payments API is the primary reason why developers choose Coinbase Incorrect syntax near ')' How do I execute only one select statement based on user input i.e @id. Here is my syntax. Create Procedure employee @id int, @year int AS SELECT CASE WHEN @id = 1 THEN (select a.name, b.roles from employee a INNER JOIN department b ON a.id = b.id where b.years IN (@year) OR b.roles IS NOT NULL ) ELSE CASE WHEN @id = 2 THEN (select a.name, b.dayoff from employee a.

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1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application 100 Plus Hatch Pattern Library 1099 ProsSoftware 1CadCam Unigraphics 1ST Pricing Window & Door Toolkit 20-20 Technologies 20-20 Design 24SevenOffice Project 2AB iLock Security Services 360 Analytics eQUEST 37signals Basecamp 37Signals Basecamp 3D graphic design software 3D graphics software 3DGrid HIPAA. API Acceso móvil Actualizaciones en tiempo real Alertas y notificaciones Puntos a favor: Gemini Countersoft provides the basis for a great customization ticketing system for any organization. It is really easy to use and takes a short time to get used to and learn. Contras: The only con i have for Gemini Countersoft is that it can be a bit slow occasionally and this halts the. Gemini Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021. Capterra.com DA: 16 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 32. A leading, .NET based helpdesk ticketing and issue tracking system; Easy to install and maintain, and comes with RESTful API, Apps Framework for easy extension, and Open Source component

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API Acompanhamento de atividades Agendamento de tarefas Alertas/notificações Vantagens: Gemini Countersoft provides the basis for a great customization ticketing system for any organization. It is really easy to use and takes a short time to get used to and learn. Desvantagens: The only con i have for Gemini Countersoft is that it can be a bit slow occasionally and this halts the. Looking for honest Bugzilla reviews? Learn more about its pricing details and check what experts think about its features and integrations. Read user reviews from verified customers who actually used the software and shared their experience on its pros and cons Wiremold 5550 Mounting Bracket for Power Equipment. P/N : 5550. Add to Catalog Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) includes the entire time from the idea of developing the application to the end of application's life (Chappell, 2008).ALM can be divided into three distinct areas including governance, development and operations (Chappell, 2008).In Fig. 1 we show the relations among these areas together with the elements of each area

-Web API work-Web Editor X-Web to Print Software-WebAssoc-WebPushPro-WebRTC-Websites useful & why-What Entrepreneurs should never do ?-Wi-Fi Ultrabost-Wifi 12 failles-WiFi Orbi-WiFi Portable Amazon-Wifi RangeTDX-Wifi Ryoko-WifiBlast-Windows 10 & MaJ-Pilotes-Windows 10 2004 -Windows 10 Démarrer-Windows 10 Explorateur de page-Windows 10 Exécuter-Windows 10 Hiden Features-Windows 10 MaJ-Windows. Upload ; Computers & electronics; Software; Computer utilities; Counter Soft™ Gemini Project Issue Tracking Installation Guid Countersoft Releases Gemini 4.0. Latest version of Gemini Agile project management platform for .NET development adds testing support. By Michael Desmond; 05/10/2011; Telerik Updates TeamPulse and Test Studio Products. Telerik this week updated a pair of products: The Telerik Test Studio automated test suite and Telerik TeamPulse team project management package. By Kathleen Richards; 05/04. Microsoft Releases Android to Windows Phone API Mapping Tool. Microsoft extends developer guidance and API mapping tools to Android and iOS developers. By Michael Desmond; 06/09/2011; Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate Adds jQuery Controls. NetAdvantage Ultimate 2011 Volume 1 includes a jQuery control toolset, new theme support, extended support for ASP.NET and WinForms, and enhanced Microsoft.

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