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With the following 10 Silver Price by decade charts, you will be able to ascertain where the silver price in US dollar terms was for whichever year you are researching over the last century. For further breakdowns on Silver prices past and present, you can also find the following information at SD Bullion for free: - Today's live Silver Price The Silver Price forecast at the end of the month 0.97, change for October 4.3%. Silver Price forecast for November 2024. In the beginning price at 0.97 Dollars. High price 0.97, low 0.87. The average for the month 0.93. The Silver Price forecast at the end of the month 0.92, change for November -5.2% Here's what they think we'll see this year. Most industry analysts predict the silver price will move higher this year, though five project it will remain below $30. The average of all these analysts is in the low $32 range. But as you can see, that range is quite wide The spot price of Silver is the current price in the Precious Metals marketplace at which a raw ounce of Silver can be bought and sold for immediate delivery. The spot price fluctuates constantly, making it important for investors to stay up to date on current events, market conditions and other performance indicators, as they affect both the buying and selling of Precious Metals. The price you will pay for any Silver product is the spot price plus a premium, which is added by all. 2020 Silver Price Predictions / Forecasts / Estimates. 2020 Silver Price Forecast: $20. 2021 Silver Price Forecast: $35. 2022 Silver Price Forecast: $50. 2025 Silver Price Forecast: $169. During the last bull market, silver went up 12.5x from late 2001 to late 2011. If we project a similar advance this time around, it would take silver from the recent low of $13.50 to $169 per ounce by 2025

India. ₹ 71.60 /Gram ₹ 0.80. Silver price in India is determined by international prices, which move in either direction. Other then that it also depends on currency movement of the rupee. Overall, the report is mixed about silver prices for 2020, estimating possible outcomes of $15-$23 per ounce, depending on gold performance and demand drivers. The authors estimated that $17.50-$21.. Silver Price Update - February 21, 2020 + Breakout Trigger. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next ——————————Main Website:http://igoldadvisor.com——————————Consultations:https://igoldadvisor.com/consultations. The chart below from Kitco spans from the start of January 2011 to late August 2020. It shows that the silver price reached US$47.94 in April 2011 before plummeting in the years that followed

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  1. This is what their silver price predictions 2020 looks like: Based on the opinion of another popular forecasting agency, Longforecast.com, silver is expected to trade at $22.50 per ounce in January 2020, showing some volatility throughout the next year but still staying in the price range of $20.60 - $22.69 per ounce
  2. Silver Price Forecast, Silver (SI) price prediction. The best long-term & short-term Silver price prognosis for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 with daily Silver.
  3. Since then, silver has had several bull markets in which prices have increased—or as some silver aficionados may argue, the relative value of fiat currency has decreased. Percentage Gain. Price Range (USD)*. Duration. Silver Bull #1 (1967-68) 49%. $12.50 - $18.58
  4. We did forecast a silver price of $22/oz for 2020, and our forecast was spot-on. Silver even exceeded our silver price forecast. We expect price north of $28/oz in 2021. The prerequisite is that gold moves above 1925 USD/oz for 3 consecutive weeks, this might happen early on in 2021 or late. We also need to see a strong Euro, essentially the Euro bull market has to be there

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Silver did shine rather bright last year, with its price skyrocketing over 15 per cent. During 2019, its value reached highs of $19.50 per ounce and settled at around $18 per ounce in the last trading days of December. However, things took a turn for the worse in 2020 Using the main interactive chart below, you can easily view four decades worth of silver price history. Going back to the mid 1970s, silver was valued at less than $10 per ounce. The white metal began to rise in the late 70s, however, and by 1980 was valued at over $36 per ounce. The market saw prices come back down following the parabolic rise. Price Predictions for Gold and Silver. Gold and silver prices don't rise or fall for the same reasons that stock prices do. In general, gold is inversely correlated to the stock market.Precious metals are a historical safe haven, so if investors get skittish about stocks or fearful of what could happen in that market, they tend to buy gold, pushing its price higher

The LBMA Silver Price is administered independently by ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA). IBA independently administers the price and provides the electronic auction platform on which the price is calculated, while LBMA own the intellectual property rights. Further details on licensing arrangements for The LBMA Silver Price are available on. 2020 Silver Price Forecast: $20. 2021 Silver Price Forecast: $35. 2022 Silver Price Forecast: $50. 2025 Silver Price Forecast: $169. During the last bull market, silver went up 12.5x from late 2001 to late 2011. If we project a similar advance this time around, it would take silver from the recent low of $13.50 to $169 per ounce by 2025! If you want to follow our take on the precious metals. Silver price quotes in ounce, gram, kilo, pennyweight, tola and tael in Australian Dollars. Silver charts, Silver fixes, Silver performance and ratios. Silver price guide Silver Spot Prices & Charts. Our silver spot price page contains various interactive charts of silver prices, including spot silver charts. Not only can these charts be adjusted for different time frames, one can also compare silver prices directly to other asset classes such as the SP 500, crude oil or U.S. dollar

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Gold prices silver drop on low demand the economic ru plunge sees silver price drop below 14 gold excruciating silver price breakout begins as us treasury yields drop to multi silver prices expected to drop 3 in 2020 pv magazine international yzing the 2008 silver drop what should investors look for in pattern replication in the gold market seeking alpha Silver Price Canada. The country of Canada occupies the northern portion of Great America. The country is massive, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and as far north as the Arctic Ocean. The nation consists of 10 provinces and three territories, covering an area of some 3.85 million square miles. Canada is one of the world's largest countries by both total area and land area. SILVER PRICE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: DAILY CHART (APRIL 2019 TO APRIL 2020) (CHART 2) The recovery in silver prices has carried the precious metal back towards a key area that has proved to produce.

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  1. Silver prices outshine gold to hit seven-year high. By Eoin McSweeney and Julia Horowitz, CNN Business. Updated 7:29 AM ET, Thu July 23, 2020 . JUST WATCHED Why investors buy gold during times of.
  2. The silver price reached a seven-year high in 2020 as investors flocked to the precious metal. Will silver go up further in 2021
  3. Gold Price Hit Lower, Silver Price Smashed to Decade Low in Commodities Rout 2020-03-16 10:30:00 Nick Cawley , Strategist Gold Price and Silver Price, News and Char
  4. It is common for silver investors to watch the silver price over the course of a week to help decide the right time to buy and sell. We obviously cannot forecast silver prices but we can provide historical data for you to help decide when to invest in silver. You can track the weekly silver price and review historical prices here on the same website making it an ideal place to come back to.
  5. For 2020, their silver price expectations are $18.60 an ounce, which is almost 21% higher from their previous forecast. RBC bank also increased its silver price forecast for the second semester of 2019 to $17.33 per ounce, compared to the previous $15.75. Regarding its longer-term predictions, silver is expected to trade at $17.50 per ounce in.
  6. Monthly silver prices from 2010 through 2020 in US dollars. The 10 year silver price chart reveals the magnitude of silver's rally to all-time highs above $40 per troy ounce in 2011. Annual silver prices for the last 20 years in USD. Stretching the time frame out 20 years shows how relatively inexpensive the metal was prior to the financial.
  7. Silver Price Per Ounce. This live spot silver price chart show's today's silver trading in real-time. Spot prices are derived from 24-hour trading around the world and are the basis upon which silver dealers set the price for physical metal. Buyers watch spot prices for short-term dips as an opportunity to accumulate more physical silver.
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Silver prices are expected to only suffer modest losses this year despite the Covid-19 crisis, according to the World Silver Survey 2020, published by the Silver Institute.. Total silver supply is. 2020 Could Be a Great Year for Silver Prices. Silver prices could soar a lot in 2020. The gray precious metal trades around $17.50 now, but by the end of 2020, it wouldn't be shocking to see it trading around $25.77. That would be about 47% higher than the current price. Advertisement Where gold prices are in uncharted territory, silver prices remain in charted territory, and as such, a review of the price charts can still be a helpful tool in assessing where we're headed in the months to come. We had a goal last year of $22, and this target was deliberately set at that level due to the extreme Bank and chart resistance we expected to encounter there. However, price. Silver Price Last Month. This chart shows the silver price for the last month. This time frame can offer a great view of the current trend for the silver price, and how it is being affected by current global economic affairs that have happened in the past month. Beyond adjusting the time frames, the customisation options above the chart will also allow you to view the silver price last month.

Silver Forecast: November 2020; Silver Forecast: November 2020. Robert Petrucci on October 25, 2020 What should intrigue speculators via technical charts is that the current price of Silver is hovering slightly below important resistance levels which if broken higher and sustained, then present opportunities based on an absence of quantified trading due to a gap in value. On the 18 th of. Silver is a precious metal that has been used throughout history as an investment, a currency and a store of value. Since the 1990s, the demand for silver grew faster than production rates, thus. Gold Price on 31 December 2020 . Thursday 2020/12/31 Close Change $ Change % Gold Price: 1893.66-.45-.02: Silver Price: 26.30-.31-1.19: Gold/Silver Ratio: 71.99: 0.83: 1.16: Silver/Gold Ratio: 0.01 -0.00-1.10: Daily Gold Price Charts. Gold Price On Tue Jun 15th, 2021: Gold Price On Mon Jun 14th, 2021: Gold Price On Sun Jun 13th, 2021: Gold Price On Sat Jun 12th, 2021: Gold Price On Fri Jun. Need to Know Here's what's behind the 'perfect storm' sending silver prices surging Published: July 22, 2020 at 7:55 a.m. E ——————————Main Gold & Silver Website:http://igoldadvisor.com——————————Consultations:https://igoldadvisor.com/consultations.

Sterling Silver Prices Today Per Ounce Tuesday, 1 June 2021. Worth its weight in gold silver prices 100 year historical how much is sterling silver worth june 2020 silver price europe silver price new zealand Long John Silvers Menu Prices. The Long Johns Silver's menu prices are updated for 2021. Please be aware, that prices and availability of menu items can vary from location to location. Long John Silver's is a chain of US-based fast-food restaurant, specializing in seafood, The company operates 1152 Long John Silver's restaurant locations Silver Price Forecast 2021. Silver still has another $20 to run before it reaches the 2011 nominal high, but this level is looking more achievable than it was a month and a half ago. All eyes have been on gold's record run past $2,067 an ounce in the 3 rd quarter of 2020. But silver's been quietly outperforming gold, sprinting from $14 an. Welcome to the new GOLDPRICE.ORG LIVE GOLD PRICE charts. Click on the Instruments link in the menu to get live gold and silver prices in seven national currencies including US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen along with the Platinum Price and Paladium Price in USD

While it's more of a wild card, the above pattern shows that silver's 2020 top plots are nearly identical to the inverse of the 2006-2009 performance. I copied the 2006 - 2009 performance right below the regular price movement and inverted it. I also copied this inverted pattern to the last few years. The similarity is quite significant. And whenever a given pattern has been repeated. SILVER PRICE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: DAILY CHART (March 2020 to April 2021) (CHART 1) In the previous silver price forecast update, it was noted that silver prices are weathering the rise in US. Main Gold & Silver Website: http://igoldadvisor.com —————————— Consultations: https://igoldadvisor.com/consultations. However, what a lot of sites fail to mention is that a few weeks after this statement, the USGS released an ammendment to their Silver comment and stated that Silver wouldn't be 100% exhausted from the Earth's crust, they just meant that by 2020 it would be economically unfeasible to mine for more Silver at those prices (roughly $4 an ounce) LBMA silver price may average $18.40 in 2020, a 6-year high, says The Silver Institute Silver has fared better than its industrial metal peers. Getty Image

Track the current Gold price with the APMEX Gold price chart. The current Gold spot price is a click away. View the spot price of Gold and plan your purchase today. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. Gold. $1,819.50 ($43.80) Silver. $27.05 ($0.64) Platinum. $1,134.40 ($27.70) Palladium. $2,824.50 $38.20. View Charts. Call Us: 800.375.9006 Live. This CoinNews photo shows a 2020-W Proof Silver Eagle, its case, packaging and certificate of authenticity. It is one of several Mint products for collectors that has been raised in price Check out the Silver Price Today in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The price of Gold and Silver rises in India as on 7 August 2020. Gold futures prices in India went up to Rs 56,410 per 10 gram with an increase of Rs 293.33 on MCX. The 24 karat gold price in the spot market in India also saw a growth of 0.02% to Rs 54,810 from Rs 54,800. The current price is. The price of silver has gone up astronomically. It was selling for just about $12 per ounce on March 19, 2020. But, as of July 14, 2020, the price is over $19 per ounce In addition to just examining gold price charts, you can also use the gold/silver ratio price chart. The gold/silver ratio is simply the amount of silver required to buy a single ounce of gold. For example, if gold is at $1200 per ounce and silver is at $15 per ounce, the ratio would be calculated as $1200/$15 = 80. This means it would take 80 ounces of silver to buy a single ounce of gold.

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  1. Silver Per Gram. $0.91. $0. Silver Per Kilo. $905.04. $3.54. Provident Metals' spot price chart lists today's silver spot price by weight in real-time. View the 24-hour chart for recent market activity, or enter a custom date range on the interactive historical chart. Visit us often to receive up-to-date and accurate silver spot prices, and.
  2. The 2020 Silver Krugerrand is a great choice for both collectors and investors of silver bullion. Shop confidently with SD Bullion knowing that you are always getting the lowest price online, so lock in at the current silver spot price today. To better protect your new 2020 Silver Krugerrand, add a 39 mm air-tite capsule to your order today
  3. Silver prices eventually shot from a near year ending low price of about $9 oz USD in 2008 to near $50 oz USD by the spring of 2011. 2008 Silver Prices - Daily Silver Price Fix Data Below. London Bullion Market Association: LBMA Silver Price Auction, expected auction start London time locally around 12:00 PM noon
  4. Commodity Report: Silver price forecast April 2020 [Video] Silver prices firmed on Wednesday up 0.3% to $14 as investors sought safe-haven assets after sombre U.S. economic data exacerbated fears.

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  1. Live Silver Spot Price Chart. Silver Spot Prices Silver Price Today Spot Change. Silver Price Per Ounce Silver Price Per Gram Silver Price Per Kilo $27.78 $0.89 $893.15 -$0.23 -$0.01 -$7.39. 06/15/21 12:17 AM EDT Last Update. The precious metals market is always fluctuating. Every second, the price of silver either rises or falls in response to.
  2. Gold prices hit a new record close of $2,021 per ounce overnight — settling above $2,000 for the first time. It was last trading at $2,020.30. Geopolitical unrest overnight likely added to the.
  3. Mint increases price for Proof silver quarters set in 2020. US Coins. Sep 25, 2020, 10 AM. Price for U.S. Mint's 3-inch medals to quadruple to $160. US Coins. Sep 30, 2020, 10 AM. Mint raising its.
  4. Recent geopolitical turmoil between the United States and Iran has sent the gold price soaring. Silver has yet to follow suit and remains below the September 2019 highs. Silver has been consolidating for several years and remains well below all-time highs of roughly $50 per ounce. Right now, there are three good reasons why silver could explode past the $20 per ounce mark in 2020. Gold to.
  5. Learn more about The Silver Institute, a global organization solely focused on silver

That is when we will see the price rise dramatically! The SWIFT system will be turned off in 2020 and all $5T of daily transactions will be routed through the Ripple(XRP) system in 2020 sending the price of XRP to USD$50 in 24 hours! XRP is the new Quantum Financial System for global finance! Ripples own digital wallet is called XUMM. It is. Latest SILVER Rate/Price in India. Get current silver Price/Rate in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmadabad and Jaipur. Indian Sliver trading Market, Bullion stock quote, Live MCX silver price news, Lot. Todays Silver Rate in Kolkata (15th Jun 2021): Get daily silver rate in Kolkata & last 10 days silver price based on rupees per gram/kg at Goodreturns The silver price helps investors buy and sell when the time is right for them and this could be different for every person. The silver spot price is only one factor to consider when investing in silver. Spot Silver Price Spot Silver Price is the same as spot gold, just for silver. You can view the silver oz price page on the spot price of. Watching the live price of silver will expose those shifts and open up opportunities to buy and sell. Latest Posts. Gold Breaking out? May 19, 2021. Gold Hitting Multiple Support Levels. March 4, 2021. Metals Caught in the Middle. January 24, 2021. Silver Breaking Out. December 21, 2020. Metals: What Happened? November 23, 2020. Compare Gold Storage Options. Discover the best way to securely.

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Bo Polny, analyst at Gold 2020 Forecast, holds possibly the most verifiably accurate Bitcoin & Gold Track Record Forecasts in the world. We provide future CYCLE Dates, Price Direction & occasional Price Targets BEFORE market turns sharply up or down; many consider CYCLES an big 'INSIDE EDGE' Silver has also moved in a series of Measured Price Moves that correlate with Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arcs. The current Measured Move level, near $27.50, was reached on August 6, 2020. In fact. Silver prices change constantly, and our live spot silver prices and charts update every minute during trading hours to reflect recent market fluctuations. The silver price table below displays pricing in increments; silver price per gram, silver price per ounce and silver price per kilogram. Visit our interactive silver chart to view historical silver prices dating back 10 years My Complete Outlook for the Price of Silver in 2020 By Peter Krauth , Resource Specialist , Money Morning - December 27, 2019 Over the last 12 months, the price of silver is up a remarkable 16% Silver prices outshine gold to hit seven-year high. By Eoin McSweeney and Julia Horowitz, CNN Business. Updated 1129 GMT (1929 HKT) July 23, 2020 . JUST WATCHED Why investors buy gold during times.

The silver price is forecast to surpass the $21/oz-mark in late 2020, with a fall in the gold:silver ratio - the quantity of silver ounces needed to buy an ounce of gold - to below 90, the. Silver Price Chart The silver price chart above shows the price of silver in GBP Sterling per Troy Ounce for Last 6 Months. You can access information on the silver price in British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD) in a wide variety of time frames from the live silver price chart to the all time history chart 2020: 35.70% 47.93% 43.22% 35.20% 34.55% 45.19% 38.98% 51.47% 40.76% Look no further for spot prices! GoldBroker.com mobile app Silver price in the currency of your choice : 110 currencies available: ×. Security. Navigation. Publications. Contact. Home Publications Bullion Gold Price Silver Price Palladium Price Platinum Price Contact Us Sitemap FAQ Global Debt From $300 Trillion To $2. This price level is 0.45% higher than average gold price observed in the past 30 days ($1896.6). Among other precious metals, silver prices saw a fall today. Silver plunged 0.45% to $24.6 per Troy. The investment demand rather than industrial demand in Silver will drive the price higher in 2020. Moneycontrol Contributor May 16, 2020 / 08:55 PM IST . Sakina Mandsaurwala. Silver prices rallied.

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Tucano produces 120,000 oz. (1 gpt) of gold, with all-in costs around $1,250 (free cash flow). They will produce about 3.5 million oz of silver equivalent in 2020 in Mexico. They have low. Live silver price, chart, key market prices, news and opinion, silver bullion coin prices - one-stop overview of today's gold and silver market Skip to main content Read accessibility statement COINS & BULLION SINCE 197

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  1. Gold And Silver Prices Today 12 December 2020 In India. Gold price today fell by Rs 200 to Rs 49,050 from Rs 49,250 per 10 gm for 24- Carat gold, while silver fell by Rs 200 to Rs 63,200 from Rs 64,400 per kg. In Delhi, the gold price is trading Rs 48,050 per 10 gm , and in Chennai, it rose by Rs 100 to Rs 46,320 from Rs 46,220
  2. Silver is currently trading around $24.80 an ounce on the London bullion market, having already risen by 38% from $18/oz since the start of the year. Citi's case for silver is based on growing.
  3. In other precious metals, Ross Norman also snatched first place in the silver category with his forecast of $19.25/oz, close to the actual price of $20.55/oz in 2020. This was Norman's ninth.
  4. 2020 American Eagle silver coins jumped to 30,089,500 ounces this year, more than doubling the amount of a year ago. Silver Eagles sales logged in at 14,863,500 ounces in 2019 for their lowest.
  5. A safe-haven metal, silver can be a hedge against both inflation and an economic downturn. Those factors drove the precious metal's price in 2020 as it jumped 45% on the year. Propelling silver's.
  6. At current prices, silver accounts for as much as $3 billion of their total losses. Every $8 move higher in silver will cause that loss to increase by a further $3 billion. A move to $50 silver, commonly bandied about, would bring the 8 big shorts an additional $10 billion in losses from silver alone. What happens if the 8 big shorts move to cover and buy back their silver short positions in.
  7. 3 Silver Penny Stocks to Buy in June 2020. Gold may have been the hottest commodity in the first half of 2020, but now it's silver's time to shine. Among the stocks to watch are a handful of silver penny stocks with serious upside potential. The price of silver continues to test the $18 level and could go much higher later this year

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The price of silver had a very bullish 2019, but will that continue as we head into 2020? Here's my complete outlook for silver prices in 2020 Shop for Apple iPad (2020) Tablets. Starting from £271.99. Choose from 8 options and Find the best price for Apple iPad (2020) from 82 offers. Best Prices Best Products Best Shops Best Reviews Price Alerts Price Trends on idealo.co.u Silver: From $30/oz. to over $500 by 2020. In under a minute, I can tell you why that price must happen, and likely when. It seems to me that the public will one day wake up and start buying silver to protect from inflation. Thus, long before, say 10-20% of people buy silver, at least 1% of the American public will buy silver. We can calculate. Get the latest commodity trading prices for oil, gold, silver, copper and more on the U.S. commodities market and exchange at CNN Business

Silver prices just made their biggest weekly advance since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, but the run-up has been largely eclipsed by smaller gains in gold prices.. The less-valuable metal. Live price charts for gold, silver, and platinum. View up to date prices in three currencies (GBP, USD, and EURO) across a range of time periods The price of silver is constantly changing. The spot price of silver changes every few seconds during market hours. Between domestic and foreign exchanges, spot silver prices update Sunday through Friday, from 6PM EST to 5:15PM EST each day. Spot prices remain static during that 45 minute down period from 5:15PM EST to 6PM EST each weekday, as. Gold and Silver Prices Today (21st November 2020) in India. Gold rates today fell by Rs 20 to Rs 50,830 from Rs 50,850 per 10 gm for 24-carat gold and Rs 49,830 from Rs 49,850 for 22-carat gold, while silver rates trading at Rs 61,600 per kg. In Delhi, the gold price of 22-carat hiked by Rs 10 per 10gm, in Chennai, it hiked Rs 20 Gold and silver prices explode. July 22nd, 2020. Gold and silver prices have exploded. Gold's up $390 since its March low, silver up $10.60. Silver's gain is 87% versus gold's 26%. This is what was supposed to happen being that the GSR (gold silver price ratio) topped 100. Silver has still more catching up to do

2020 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin As low as: $2,026.63. 2021 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin (BU, Type 1) As low as: $44.03. Product Details. Specifications. Shipping FAQ. The American Silver Eagle coin is arguably the best-selling silver coin in the world today. With millions of units sold each year, the Silver Eagle is a must-have addition. Silver and all other commodities are ranked based on their AUM-weighted average 3-month return for all the U.S.-listed ETFs that are classified by ETFdb.com as being mostly exposed to those respective commodities. In addition to price performance, the 3-month return assumes the reinvestment of all dividends during the last 3 months

This price level is 1.57% higher than average gold price observed in the past 30 days ($1856.1). Among other precious metals, silver prices edged higher today. Silver gained 0.91% to $26.4 per. Proof Silver American Eagles have been minted since the American Silver Eagle series began in 1986. From 1986 to 1992, they were minted at the San Francisco mint, and bore the S mintmark. From 1993 to 2000, their mintage moved to the Philadelphia mint, where they were given a P mintmark. West Point took over proof minting duties from 2001 to 2015, and its coins carry the W. JUN21 2020 - 2021 Silver Cross Male Lot No. Qty Description Price GB40 - 1 6/17/2021 6:41:10 PM 327581 235 50/40 Dark C1/C2 SI 327582 160 50/40 Dark C Check Today's Live Silver M Rate/price in India on Economic Times. Browse more to know about latest Silver M Rate News, Silver M details on its MCX futures live prices, calendar spread, Price Chart, Silver M Rate MCX Price and Silver M Rate community prediction on The Economic Times Silver futures surged as much as 13% to Monday, touching eight-year highs. That follows a 6% rally last week when some posts on the WallStreetBets group on Reddit called for betting on silver as a.

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