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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Große Auswahl an Used Chain For Sale. Super Angebote für Used Chain For Sale hier im Preisvergleich On-Chain vs. Off-chain Transactions - The Main Differences On-Chain Transactions. On-chain transactions, commonly referred to as blockchain transactions since the transactions... Off-chain Transactions. As the name implies, off-chain transactions are conducted outside the blockchain using. Understanding On-Chain and Off-Chain Blockchain Transactions Terminologies. Wallet: a software or hardware + software container for keeping, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency. Introduction to Transactions. All events that involve the exchange or transfer of goods, services, money, or value.

These are two different transactions on the blockchain. On chain transactions are the transactions available on the blockchain (distributed ledger) and are also visible to all the nodes on the blockchain network. Off-chain transactions, on the other hand,is the movement of value outside of the blockchain On-chain transactions are best for cryptocurrency transfers, whereas off-chain are non-crypto related. A good example of this is the use of decentralized identifiers (DIDs). A DID could be public..

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Off-chain transactions can be faster and cheaper. See how you can easily complete an off-chain transaction. Quickest Cross Blockchain See how you can easily complete an off-chain transaction. In blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, off-chain transactions refer to those which occur outside of the blockchain itself and can be contrasted with on-chain transactions. Off-chain transactions can..

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Off Chain und On Chain können teils auch als Hybridlösung direkt miteinander verwendet werden, um die Vorteile beider Ansätze in einem System zu vereinen. Vorteile von Off-Chain-Transaktionen Zu den großen Vorteilen von Off-Chain-Transaktionen zählen die höhere Geschwindigkeit, die niedrigeren Kosten, die höhere Skalierbarkeit des Systems und die höhere Anonymität der Transaktionen The split between on-chain and off-chain transactions are generally characterized as: On-chain transactions: transactions reflected on the public ledger, visible to all participants on the blockchain network. Off-chain transactions: transfer agreements between two or more parties that are not recorded on the blockchain, typically recorded in. Die On-Chain-Geschwindigkeit ist die Geschwindigkeit, die ausschließlich durch Transaktionen in der Blockchain erzeugt wird, während die Off-Chain-Geschwindigkeit die Geschwindigkeit ist, die durch Handelsaktivitäten an Kryptowährungsbörsen erzeugt wird

On Chain VS Off Chain. On chain transaction就是我们通常所指的transactions,也就是包含了交易、确认、记录和发布到整个Blockchain上面的这一个过程。这是在去中心化这个大背景下,在交易各方保持最少限度的信任的情况下,保证交易的发生和可追溯的一种方式。 而Off chain是怎么回事呢?用最最简单的方式. On-chain. Something existing in the public blockchain. Side-chain. Something existing in the different public blockchain with observable relationships between chains like bridges. Cosmos and Polkadot are projects for bridging data between public blockchains. Off-chain. Something not visible on the public blockchain. But usually, inputs/deposits and outputs/withdrawals are observable in the. An off-chain transaction is the movement of value outside of the block chain. While an on-chain transaction - usually referred to as simply 'a transaction' - modifies the blockchain and depends on the blockchain to determine its validity an off-chain transaction relies on other methods to record and validate the transaction As you can see, the bit of on-chain code is far simpler than the off-chain portion in the External Adapter. On-chain, we simply send a request struct to a Chainlink node and receive a Boolean answer, whereas off-chain, there are multiple loops of addition, subtraction, division, exponents, and square roots. In architecting our smart contract this way—as a hybrid smart contract—we've saved users significant overhead from the gas costs of performing computations on-chain. Off Chain. Off Chain beschreibt Blockchain-(Trans-)Aktionen, die außerhalb (off) der Blockchain (chain) stattfinden. Ähnliche Begriffe. Bitcoin-Transaktion; Block; Block Explorer; Block Reward; Blockchai

Jeffrey Tong talks at BuildETH 2018 about on-chain vs off-chain processing and storage. How to best handle transactions, storage, and state within a decentra.. Xangle collects off-chain corporate information (progress updates, recent disclosures, etc.) and on-chain data for a number of blockchain projects to provide a complete 360-degree overview for any cryptoasset. The off-chain data is submitted and verified directly by projects while the on-chain data is gathered by Xangle's platform from their blockchains. The collected data is presented on each. Beim Lightning Network handelt es sich um einen Timelocked Off-Chain Payment Channel. Das heißt, Nutzer können BTC off-chain, also abseits der Bitcoin Blockchain, fixieren und an andere Nutzer senden. Das Versenden von Werten erfolgt nahezu instanten und bedarf, ähnlich wie bei On-Chain-Transaktionen, keiner vertrauenswürdigen Drittinstanz Dear Bankless Nation, Understanding on-chain versus off-chain storage is hugely important when it comes to NFTs. In the past, we've seen some NFT projects go bust and void their NFTs forever because they used off-chain storage that wasn't redundant On-chain transactions refer to transactions that are recorded and verified on the blockchain. Off-chain transactions don't occur on the blockchain network, but instead, are transacted on another.

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On-Chain vs. Off-chain Transactions - The Main Difference

On-chain & Off-chain Use VNDC Wallet to send/receive currencies via ERC20 token and VNDC account (Email, Phone) Off-chain governance is different from 'on-chain governance,' in that, you guessed it, decision making happens informally—away from the blockchain's underlying code base. A network's stakeholders vie for its control by coordinating through a number different avenues including community forums, social media sites, and the project's official communication channels In general, a bitcoin transaction can occur both on-chain and off-chain. An on-chain transaction is signed, broadcasted, and settled directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. Off-chain transactions are more intricate and can be categorized into three main categories: 1) Layer 2: The transaction is signed but broadcasted to a to a separate network and netted outside of the Bitcoin blockchain. 2) The.

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On-chain: Bitcoin-Transaktionen werden auf der Blockchain durchgeführt und erfasst. Off-chain: Bitcoin-Transaktionen werden nicht auf der Blockchain, sondern auf Sidechains oder bei den diversen Bitcoin-Dienstleistern durchgeführt On-chain vs Off chain. A War of Words. The battle between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash continues to rage. Outspoken proponent and brainchild of Bitcoin cash, Roger Ver, is still pushing on-chain advancement over off-chain. Since splitting from BTC in August of 2017, BCH has maintained a dedicated following of users Off-chain governance and on-chain governance fundamentally differ along similar lines: off-chain governance allows for interventions into the blockchain protocol that are not prescribed by the protocol itself, by outside authorities. In other words, with off-chain governance people are in charge of the code, without their actions being determined by it. However, off-chain governance introduces. On-chain arbitration: is it true arbitration? Projects from the category blockchain arbitration may be divided into two main groups: on-chain arbitration and off-chain arbitration. On-chain arbitration involves solutions in which the equivalent of a traditional arbitration award is automatically executed by a smart contract. The key to such projects is ensuring the. Revisiting the on-chain governance vs. off-chain governance discussion. In this article we introduced you to the history of blockchain governance and disagreements on protocol evolution. We saw.

On Chain VS. Off Chain Governance: The Ins And Outs. CoinJournal Press Team. April 25, 2018. Technology. To understand the importance of blockchain governance and the debate surrounding it, It is important to first define blockchain governance and it's role in the entire blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain governance in cryptocurrencies relates. On-chain vs. off-chain. The first decision for developers is what metadata to represent on-chain vs. off-chain. That is, do you bake the metadata directly into the smart contract representing the tokens, or do you host it separately? On-chain Metadata. The benefits of representing metadata on-chain are: 1) it permanently resides with the token, persisting beyond the lifecycle of any given. Step 5. Once your account is eligible, enter the amount of off-chain tokens you want to transfer on-chain. You can only transfer a maximum of 25,000 MINDS per day, and you cannot transfer more than your off-chain balance allows. Once you have entered the desired amount you wish to transfer, select Transfer

Để thực hiện Nhận On-chain: Bước 1: Tại màn hình chính của ứng dụng VNDC Wallet Pro, nhấn vào đơn vị tài sản số bạn muốn nhận từ ví ERC-20 bất kỳ. ( Trong ví dụ dưới đây, tài sản nhận sẽ là ETH.) Bước 2: Sử dụng 1 trong 2 cách sau để chuyển tiền từ ví ERC-20 bất. On-Chain staking allows you to stake your assets with blockchain Proof of Stake protocols such as Tezos, while Off-Chain staking allows you to stake your assets with Kraken internal programs. Off-chain staking is available for eligible countries only On-chain/Off-chain wallets. HyperDAO has entered into a strategic partnership with HyperPay, a renowned on-chain and off-chain all-in-one digital wallet. This will allow users to transfer digital assets between HyperDAO and HyperPay with just one click, achieving data interconnection. HyperPay will carry out various exclusive lock-in and wealth management activities for the HyperDAO's. On chain scaling requires you (or the developers) to change one of Bitcoin's properties (block size limit, transaction format, transaction signature format etc...), while off chain scaling requires building something on Bitcoin that is compatible with older software (for example the Lightning Network that is built on multisig addresses, or the more complex Omni layer) ON CHAIN. OFF CHAIN. ETH BTC OCEAN. Liquid. Commodity Stocks. Liquid. Receivables Leases IP. Semi Liquid. Real Estate. Illiquid . We believe that the key to connecting real world assets to Defi is to build enough distribution that makes programmatic liquidation enforcement of real world assets possible. Accepted Collateral. Ethereum Bitcoin Ocean Elrond Algorand renDoge 1inch pTokens Ravencoin.

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Figure 6: 90-Day Moving Average Stellar On-Chain and Off-Chain Velocity. Quelle: Coinmetrics.io, CryptoResearch.Report. It is interesting to observe similar trends in velocity among almost all of the cryptocurrencies. Higher velocities before the cryptocurrency matures and more stable and lower velocities later on. Stellar seems to be an exception to this rule (mainly looking at the huge jump. Off Chain beschreibt Blockchain-(Trans-)Aktionen, die außerhalb (off) der Blockchain (chain) stattfinden The networks' communities can vote on proposals and upgrades by employing an on-chain governance model instead of more centralized off-chain governance measures. Besides improving overall. With on-chain governance, information concerning reducing the block reward would be proposed and voted on by stakeholders or a hybrid on-chain/off-chain mechanism with full transparency. Governing structure of on-chain systems differs from traditional institutions in its direct democracy approach, something not employed by contemporary institutions or governments

Connecting the on-chain and off-chain worlds has been a persistent problem for the burgeoning blockchain-cryptocurrency industry. By innovating what is known as Oracles, Chainlink promises to resolve this issue for good. To be optimally relevant for day-to-day purposes, blockchain-based smart contracts, dApps, and crypto-assets need to interact with the external world Das Staken on-chain sowie off-chain hat Vor- und Nachteile: Auf einer Handelsplattform ist es riskanter, als das Staken auf off-chain, da der Privatekey (die Befugnis zum Vermögensgegenstand) beim Betreiber in Gewahrsam genommen wird und somit der Gefahr einer Entwendung durch Dritte unterliegt. Dafür versprechen Plattformen eine jährliche Rendite von bis zu zwölf Prozent. Beim off-chain. Blockchain protocols can generate randomness one of two ways: either On-Chain or Off-Chain On-Chain Publicly Verifiable Decentralized 100% Trustless. Off-Chain Non Verifiable Centralized Prone To Manipulation . Fair Outcomes for Gaming. Provable randomness for your lottery style smart contract based dApp that is publicly verifiable on-chain. Build trust and confidence with your users. Off-chain data growth within the on-premises distributed peer: Builds on the distributed peer use case and focuses on the data management of your off-chain storage. While clients don't need to store the data on-chain, the evidence of that data needs to be present on-chain. Caching a copy of the data locally makes the process more efficient by.

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  1. Comparing on-chain and off-chain transaction volume can help you verify that data on exchange trading volume is accurate. Off-chain volume should behave in the same way as on-chain volume. Closing thoughts . Comparing trading volume on exchanges and on-chain volume lets you confirm that volume data from exchanges is valid. This extra level of validation can shore up your conclusions about.
  2. On-chain và Off-chain. VNDC Wallet cho phép gửi/nhận tài sản qua địa chỉ on-chain (ERC20) hoặc thông qua: Email, số điện thoại. An toàn tuyệt đối. Tài sản số của bạn được lưu trữ an toàn với công nghệ của VNDC. Quỹ bảo hiểm 100 triệu USD. Dễ dàng gửi, nhận và thanh toán với VNDC. Sử dụng VNDC Wallet, bạn có thể.
  3. Fully on-chain market making is also different from hybrid approaches, where the orders and matching are performed in an off-chain system (for example, 0x). There is a different set of opportunities and trade-offs, but the main concept to understand here is that many DeFi apps and use cases can only take liquidity from fully on-chain protocols
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  1. NOTE: On-Chain vs Off-Chain. On-chain refers to transactions that occur on or within any given blockchain. Conversely, off-chain refers to transactions that happen outside of a blockchain. Off-chain transactions are characterized by zero to low costs and are gaining significant popularity among blockchain developers. To fully understand how OCR works, it helps to divide the protocol into three.
  2. On-chain and off-chain items can be used within the same stream, and the various stream querying and summarization functions relate to both types of data identically. This allows publishers to make the appropriate choice for every item in a stream, without affecting the rest of an application. For example, a stream of JSON items about people's activities might use off-chain data for.
  3. On-chain governance is a response to some inadequacies of the off-chain governance concept. Unlike off-chain governance, it is relatively less centralized and involves mainstream users that lack the technical knowledge or financial power into decisions process. It runs faster and is capable of realizing radical changes. Storing details of the stages makes it more transparent and auditable. On.
  4. The Week On-chain Newsletter now has a live dashboard for all featured charts here. New Glassnode Content Our Latest Newsletter: Uncharted. Check out out bi-weekly newsletter, Uncharted. This newsletter covers BTC from both an on-chain, off-chain and macro data perspective. It uses beautiful charts and brief commentaries to give readers an intuitive snapshot of what is happening in the markets.
  5. On-chain governance prevents hard forks because stakeholders feel more enfranchised if they have a fair say in how the protocol should adapt. While On-chain governance is an extremely fascinating concept, there are still many well-articulated critiques against such a system. Learn more about the counter view off-chain governance here
  6. e the security of Aavegotchi's overall game design, especially as Aavegotchis rise in value and malicious actors have greater incentive to manipulate NFT

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Bitcoin's On-Chain Market Cycles. This article is a collaboration by Glassnode and Bitcoin Magazine to introduce Bitcoiners to the world of on-chain analysis. Our aim is to simplify, demystify and improve access to on-chain data, helping you take the first steps into using these powerful new tools action on the blockchain immediately (contrary to on-chain transactions) and ii) entirely rely on the consensus algorithm of a parent-chain. Off-chain protocols come in two flavors. Channels are formed between n coequal parties whereas commit-chains rely on one central but untrusted intermediary. Side-chains [21] do not classify as layer-two due to having their own consensus algorithm. III. There are on-chain and off-chain means of improving Bitcoin's scalability The Lightning Network is the most popular off-chain Bitcoin scalin solution From the year of Bitcoin 's initial whitepaper release, back in 2008, the values of blockchain technology were made clear to the public — security, decentralization and immutability are the priorities of this new innovative system Off-chain computation with on-chain agreement. Off-chain workers is a new feature in Substrate 2.0 that allows you to integrate data safely and securely onto your blockchain, ideal for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices or real-world data inputs via oracles. To make off-chain data integration secure and more efficient, Substrate provides off-chain workers. The off-chain worker subsystem allows.

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The Off-Chain Protocol allows two entities to define payments off-chain and privately exchange information, including for compliance purposes before settling a Diem payment on-chain. Note that this API is being published by the Diem Association on an as is basis. Publication of this Off-Chain Protocol by the Diem Association does not mean that the Association is taking any position on. Measures can be taken to ensure secure and fair protocol execution, even in the presence of adversaries and off-chain validation. Retaining the trustless benefit of on-chain smart contracts (aka, 1.0), smart contracts designed this way (aka, 2.0) enjoy salient advantages. It is also noteworthy Bitcoin's UTXO model is amenable for this way of.

Conceptually we first categorize scaling as either on-chain scaling or off-chain scaling. Prerequisites. You should have a good understanding of all the foundational topics. Implementing scaling solutions is advanced as the technology is less battle-tested, and continues to be researched and developed. On-Chain Scaling. This method of scaling requires changes to the Ethereum protocol (layer 1. On-chain Sentiment. Last week we showed how long term holders have slowed the spending of old coins in the last three months, a trend that has continued into this week. Additionally, Miners have now joined in, with the Miner net position change metric flashing green, indicating miners are holding onto newly mined coins The Chainlink Core is the device that translates off-chain data and sends it to an on-chain oracle. The off-chain nodes are compensated with LINK. They also allow for the integration of external adapters that are written by developers to perform various subtasks, making the data collection much more productive. The Chainlink nodes have already been installed next to the public blockchains and. The on-chain infrastructure helps in oracle selection and creating an Oracle record. Once done, the agreement is executed off-chain before getting reported back to the on-chain infrastructure. The off-chain architecture is equipped with subtask schemas and external adaptors, along with the ChainLink Core Offchain Labs, a provider of off-chain smart contracts with on-chain security, has announced the release of new capabilities for the larger Ethereum community by enabling the combined use of Arbitrum and Chainlink, which will enable Arbitrum's unique form of trust-minimized smart contract computation to be used both securely and easily in the computation of any data-enabled Solidity [

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  1. Off-chain sends are only available through a computer and iOS at this time. Sender. If you're sending to a crypto address that belongs to another Coinbase user who has opted into Instant sends in their privacy settings, you can send your funds instantly to them with no transaction fees. This transaction will not be sent on chain, and is similar to sending to an email address. Learn more.
  2. HyperPay is the world's first wallet that is integrated with both off-chain and on-chain wallets. So far, On-chain wallet in HyperPay has supported BTC, ETH, EOS, HC, LTC, USDT, ONT and BCH and Off-chain wallet has supported 40 mainchains and over 140 mainstream cryptocurrencies. Transactions between HyperPay account charge no trading fee and can be completed in seconds. HyperPay also.
  3. Off-chain transcaction are those, that do not belong on Ethererum network, and are not visible there.. On-chain transaction are the ones executing on Ethereum network. Thats why you can track them using tools such as etherscan.io. Usually off-chain transcaction are somehow connected to on-chain transcations (for example: storing tx-hash of on-chain transcaction in database or vice versa)
  4. e peer-reviewed blockchain technologies according to four criteria relevant to supply chains: On-chain storage, off-chain storage, verification cost and secure data sharing. Our.
  5. On-chain, off chain. Some developer blockchain functions will be on-chain blockchain (such as those relating to decentralised read-write of data) and some developer blockchain functions will be.
  6. Aeternalism is the perfect combination of on-chain and off-chain We believe that a fully functioning NFT marketplace requires both immutable on-chain data and efficient off-chain processes for storage and computing. Ethereum is slow and expensive because it completes everything on chain without using a dual structure. Aeternalism reduces transaction fee by relaying on blockchain only when.

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<strong>Mithilfe von Bitcoin Unlimited möchte Bitcoin Cash die Blockchain On-Chain skalieren. Da die Fronten zwischen Bitcoin Cash und Bitcoin verhärtet ist sieht. On-chain transactions are transactions that occur on a blockchain, which are reflected on the distribution as well as the public ledger. The on-chain transactions are those that have already been validated as well as authenticated by the miners or authenticators. These can in turn lead to an overall update to the blockchain network itself. Furthermore, for an on-chain transaction to be.

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In a rollup, transactions are written on Ethereum (as calldata), but the actual computation and storage of the contract are done off-chain. Somebody (a validator) posts on-chain an assertion (also known as a Rollup block) about what the contract will do — a list of actions taken by the contract, such as payments made, and a cryptographic hash of its state after the contract has executed the. Off-chain transactions occur off the blockchain. The benefits of this include low/zero cost, and speed of transactions. On-chain transactions are transactions that occur on the blockchain. These transactions have a fee associated with them and have to confirmed by multiple miners NAOS Finance provides lenders with stable and recurring income streams while also connecting the on-chain world with much bigger off-chain opportunities. Ultimately, our goal is to fully automate the tokenization of real-world assets and make them available as part of the end-to-end lending process through NAOS Finance on-chain computational efforts to the verification of correctness of execution rather than the execution itself. Due to the verifiable computation scheme's zero-knowledge property, private informa- tion used in the off-chain computation does not have to become public to verify correctness. (ii) We introduce ZoKrates, a toolbox to specify, integrate and deploy such off-chain computations. In practice, a major factor is how much coordination can be done on-chain vs. off-chain, where on-chain coordination makes coordinating easier. In some new blockchains (such as Tezos or Polkadot), on-chain coordination allows the rules or even the ledger history itself to be changed. On-Chain Governance . Current governance systems in Bitcoin and Ethereum are informal. They were designed using.

Extend your blockchain smart contracts with off-chain logic Install a cloud service such as IBM Operational Decision Manager vs. asking a trusted oracle. Save. Like. By Luc Desrosiers, Ricardo Olivieri Published May 31, 2018. This article presents two ways to bolster your smart contracts with logic obtained outside the typical boundaries of the blockchain, while still preserving the trust and. Coins in lnd can exist in one of two pools: on-chain or off-chain. On-chain funds are outputs under the control of lnd that can be spent immediately, and without any auxiliary data. Off-chain funds on the other hand exist within a 2-of-2 multi-sig output typically referred to as a payment channel. Depending on the exact nature of operation of a given lnd node, one of these pools of funds may. a channel necessitates an on-chain transaction, therefore affecting the scalability issue of the on-chain that the off-chain is trying to solve [14]. In this sense, off-chain networks should be sparse but still improve the performance of payments. In this paper, we learn the impact of off-chain network structure on its performance. The topology structure of the network as well as the location. Submarine swaps are atomic on-chain to off-chain swaps (and vice-versa) of cryptocurrencies. Conceptualized by Lightning Labs CTO Olaoluwa Osuntokun and Lightning Labs Infrastructure Lead Alex Bosworth, they are designed to facilitate the transfer from on-chain BTC to an off-chain Lightning Network (LN) channel. Currently, this is not directly possible without submarine swaps and requires an. As a result, on-chain transactions takes time and costs gas to compensate miners for their work. In contrast, off-chain computation lets you perform actions instantly without waiting for transactions to be mined and does not cost any gas. In this article, let's look at how you can perform off-chain computation using Ethereum signatures.

On-chain transaction execution is generally the default for standard blockchain architecture, where data is not only stored on-chain, but also enables on-chain transactions to occur without the need to interface with off-chain computational resources (Eberhardt & Heiss, 2018) On-Chain vs. Off-Chain Contracts. Recall that in the Algorand blockchain, new blocks are selected by a consensus committee chosen securely and at random by Algorand's cryptographic self-selection algorithm. When a user calls an off-chain contract, the call is not directly executed by the consensus committee. Instead, the call is executed and validated by a parallel committee, called the. Off-chain nodes are responsible for collecting the data from the off-chain resource as requested by user contracts. After retrieving the relevant data, these nodes process that data through ChainLink Core, the core node software that allows off-chain infrastructure to interact with ChainLink's blockchain. Once the data is processed, ChainLink Core transmits it to the on-chain oracle contract. Off-chain code can be written using PAF and this code is then compiled by the GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), whereas on-chain code (written using the Plutus Core) is compiled by the Plutus compiler. It is crucial to understand the relationship between these Plutus concepts and native tokens functionality to see how their interaction turns the latter into a more useful and powerful feature easy connectivity of on-chain contracts to any off-chain computation or API; multiple methods for scheduling both on-chain and off-chain computation for a user's smart contract; automatic gas price bumping to prevent stuck transactions, assuring your data is delivered in a timely manner; push notification of smart contract state changes to off-chain systems, by tracking Ethereum logs. On-Chain and Off-Chain Atomic Swaps. Atomic swaps, as we have stated earlier, can either be conducted on-chain or off-chain. On-Chain Atomic Swaps. What Decred and Litecoin achieved was an on-chain atomic swap. On-Chain swaps takes place on either currency's blockchain. In order to do this though, both currencies must: Support HTLC; Have the same hashing algorithm; Off-Chain Swap. Off-chain.

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